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Design Engineers Victoria

Formed in 2011, Design Engineers Victoria (DEV) has now carried out over 10,000 soil tests, footing designs and bracing designs. Just like our counterparts in Queensland, we offer a 'one stop shop' of residential engineering services- soil testing, footing & framing designs and site inspections.

Rocks in Desert

Soil Testing

With our own specialized drilling rigs and in-house soil testing laboratory, DEQ provides accurate and timely results to getyour project off to the best possible start.

Framing Design

Able to provide a robust yet cost effective framing design for new houses, renovations, townhouses and more, DEQ has the experience and capacity to assist no matter what you're building.

Footing Designs

DEQ has a dedicated team ready to design the footings and slab for your dream home! Over the last 30+ years, our ability to provide the most effective design for your project has led to many long term, happy clients.


For every footing system we design, DEQ are able carry out the mandatory inspections during construction of your project.  Getting DEQ to inspect your footing or slab means the best possible advice and oversight can be provided during construction.

Blueprint Design
Construction Workers
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